Date:January 03, 2012


Guz-i-am | Writer | Producer


Blessed with creative talent and searing ambition, Goz-i-am has a gift so powerfully instinctive that it is as natural to him as the air he breaths.

A musician, writer and award winning producer, Goz-i-am gives new meaning to the phrase multi-faceted. “I want to be instrumental in bringing a new sound for this generation”, he confesses, and looking at his track record, he is set to do just that.

Born to Nigerian parents and brought up in a Christian home, Goz-i-am spent his early childhood in Lagos, Nigeria where his musical journey began before moving over to the UK. After moving, his love and quest for music saw him join the music department at his local church. This played a pivotal role in his musical development. Goz-i-am is the first to admit that his skills were not too sharp at first but it was the start and push he needed. I was forced to step up my game and I improved exponentiallyin a short space of time, he says. And improve he did, to the extent that in less than 2 years, he was an active member of the music department.

Looking to further and strengthen his natural musical abilities, he attended The Brit School a performing arts college based in Selhurst, South London that has spawned talent such as Floetry, Katie Melua, Leona Lewis, Adele and many more. He spent the next two years sharpening his skills there and then went on to study a Bachelors degree in Recording arts at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) in London.

His music has taken him to many different countries round the world, playing to millions of people and working with likes of Gloria Gaynor, Muyiwa & riversongz, Omar, Aswad, Noel Robinson and many more.

He is also the G in award winning gospel group GKREAL, a collection of six talented individuals.